Managed On Premise Microsoft Exchange

Managed Firewalls

Linking your corporate network to the internet is essential. It lets you communicate with remote workers, customers and suppliers – but it leaves your entire business open to threats.

  • Hackers can gain entry – your systems and data can be damaged
  • Every system is vulnerable – hackers don’t care who you are, what you do. No one is safe
  • Malicious competitors – can carry out corporate espionage
  • Viruses can corrupt files – leaving you unable to use applications or access data
  • Trojans and spyware – can copy data including banking details, leading to serious financial losses
  • Undesirable content can enter your system – you must be able to provide Content Filtering and control web access and content

The traditional solution – installing a firewall and simply leaving it to run is no longer enough. The threats your business face are increasing day by day.

Our solution

The Managed Service from 7global provides round the clock monitoring, protection designed for your business, and a proactive approach that can spot threats as they emerge and deal with them before they affect you.

We provide the firewall, sourced from leading vendors like Cisco and SonicWALL, on a leased basis and will install, manage and support the device all for an affordable total monthly price.  7global will ensure you have the appliance that matches your IT needs.

From just £50 per month including install -

Supply – 7global will supply you with the required device
Installation – 7global will install the selected unit at your premises
Technical Helpdesk – Expert support, backed by strict SLAs on call handling and incident response times
Proactive Monitoring 24x7x365 – Bespoke monitoring software allows 7global to proactively monitor your IT infrastructure, so that threats and issues are highlighted and fixed as they emerge
Change Control – Change is inevitable in IT, but managing change and providing audit trails of changes made is vital if change is to have a positive and beneficial impact on business
Customer Reporting Portal* – 7global provide Managed Service customers with access to a reporting portal. Depending upon your type of service, various reports are made available, real time and historical. For a demo of the reporting portal and the types of report available, click here
Hardware Warranty – In the unlikely event that the equipment fails, 7global will supply and install a replacement within 48hrs.

*Available with SonicWALL product-based solutions only

For more information on how 7global will help you with your IT requirements please call 0151 229 1826 or contact us online today.

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