Managed On Premise Microsoft Exchange

Secure Remote Access Services

Chaining your workforce to their desks makes them less productive. If they can only access your network inside your office, your whole business is at a disadvantage.

Your Sales Team needs access when they are out on the road

  • Home working is essential. Employees are demanding it. The benefits to your business include increased productivity, and getting more done by turning commuting time into working time
  • International trade makes out of hours access vital
  • Epidemics such as Swine Flu makes remote working a necessity, not a luxury, for all organisations

Remote and mobile workers need easy, fast access to email and their applications even when they are out of the office. Partners and even outside contractors need access to your network. There a number of ways to provide it – including VPNs and network to network.

But providing remote access can also mean security problems; and many existing solutions cannot adapt to changing demands. You need a flexible way to provide remote access without leaving your network open to hackers, viruses and other threats.

At 7global, we provide Managed Secure Remote Access services to let you provide access to your network without compromising security.

We can provide a solution without restructuring, redesigning or lifting and shifting your current infrastructure, and ensure its seamless implementation. With it, you can extend your internal network out of your office to wherever it is needed – to workers with wireless laptops or PDAs, working on customer sites, at home or in cyber cafes.

Our solution

We provide a secure, branded portal, that can be reached on the internet from anywhere in the world – but only entered by users with the correct authorisation.

Once inside users can access your network as though they were in your office and call on their applications, resources and data. Staff can use the latest data, time wasted travelling is turned into working time, and your whole operation can be more productive.

From just £70 per month including install -

  • Supply – 7global will supply you with the required device
  • Installation – 7global will install the selected unit at your premises
  • Technical Helpdesk – Expert support, backed by strict SLAs on call handling and incident response times
  • Proactive Monitoring 24x7x365 – Bespoke monitoring software allows 7global to proactively monitor your IT infrastructure, so that threats and issues are highlighted and fixed as they emerge
  • Change Control – Change is inevitable in IT, but managing change and providing audit trails of changes made is vital if change is to have a positive and beneficial impact on business
  • Customer Reporting Portal – 7global provide Managed Service customers with access to a reporting portal. Depending upon your type of service, various reports are made available, real time and historical. For a demo of the reporting portal and the types of report available, click here
  • Hardware Warranty – In the unlikely event that the equipment fails, 7global will supply and install a replacement within 48hrs.

For more information on how 7global will help you with your IT requirements please call 0151 229 1826 or contact us online today.

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