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Managed Content Filtering

You need to control Internet use – because abuse is already costing your business money.

Internet abuse is a major hidden cost to your business. You need to give staff access for productivity and reference – but security breaches, legal problems and distractions are only a click away. As much as 30%-40% of Internet use at work is non-business related.

  • Productivity suffers – users are distracted from work
  • Efficiency suffers – unauthorised use of your bandwidth slows down your entire business
  • Legal problems – can occur if staff are exposed to obscene or offensive images or content
  • Security breaches – can occur with spyware from emails and website content
  • Self-regulation – even supported by site logging has little effect
  • Outbound traffic can transfer information out of your organisation undetected
  • Monitoring usage – takes valuable IT and HR resources
  • Bandwidth use is increased – increasing costs
  • Data protection legislation – Employees misusing email can leave your company responsible, faced with binding contracts or legal liabilities and penalties

Our Solution

At 7global, we have developed Managed Content Filtering to provide the protection your business needs. Our Content Filtering Services are based on leading industry products and let you take back control of Internet usage.

With them you determine what sites can be viewed and automatically block inappropriate content from browsers and emails. Whatever the scale of your operation, we can implement a solution to integrate seamlessly with your systems and provide the level of protection you need.

Putting you in control of Internet use -

  • We install state of the art hardware on your system. You set the level of access and type of content that your staff can see.
  • You can block specific sites and content types and provide exemptions as required. Plus you can block sensitive information being transferred out of your business – and even spot who sent it.
  • We provide round the clock management – providing reports of suspicious activity, and updating your system to new threats as they develop.

Protecting your organisation
Content Filtering from 7global means your Internet traffic is work-related, with distractions and legal risks minimised, and bandwidth availability increased. You can also guard against spyware, viruses and spam hidden in downloads from websites and in emails.

You can prevent unwanted content entering your system – and prevent unauthorised content leaving it. It means protecting your business and your employees, and giving safeguards essential for companies doing e-business and using the Internet for business communications.

For more information on how 7global will help you with your IT requirements please call 0151 229 1826 or contact us online today.

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