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Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Disaster Recovery)

7global can provide easy and ready access to your IT data in the event of a major disaster.

Although many companies draw up IT disaster plans, few are effectively implemented because:

  • Maintaining your own disaster recovery environment can be very costly in terms of duplicate hardware, network setup, maintenance and the administrative burden.
  • Most small to medium sized businesses simply rely on good backup/restore procedures, but with no immediate access to available hardware and services.

You will probably be insured against direct loss, and loss of profits should you suffer a major disaster. However your insurance company will expect you to mitigate your losses. Having an effective and comprehensive disaster plan for recovery of your IT systems is an important part of disaster planning, and should the worst happen, will help you to recover your trading position in the shortest possible time.

By taking advantage of the capabilities of modern hardware, and utilising the latest Microsoft software technologies, we are now able to provide an off-site hosted Disaster Recovery service that delivers the required functionality, and peace of mind, at a competitive cost.

Key features

  • We begin with an initial audit of a company’s existing data back-up requirements
  • Ongoing data mirroring (Standby)
  • Actual usage and access to data in the event of a disaster (Active)

One-off setup fee to create customer environment at our data centre and initiate data mirroring

  • Ongoing modest monthly fee for Standby status
  • If required, rapid switch over to Active status with daily off- site back up

How the service works

There are two elements to the service: Standby and Active


In this stage, as part of the set up, 7global deploys low resource virtual servers located within our DR infrastructure within our data centre to act as your Disaster Recovery servers. These servers are used in a ‘Standby’ status for simply mirroring your live data, and updating the software to keep it in line with the live environment.


In the event that the hosted Disaster Recovery Service is required, your system is quickly switched to Active, the servers are given the resources they require to operate in a live environment, and access to the system for an agreed number of users is established. Daily back up routines are also invoked.

Scope of coverage

The exact service offered will vary depending on your individual requirements. It could be a simple requirement to support Microsoft Dynamics CRM via a Microsoft Windows terminal server and a Microsoft Windows SQL server. The terminal server is available for remote logons and accessing the Microsoft Dynamics CRM client. Database mirroring or transaction log shipping will be used to keep the SQL server up to date.

More complex requirements may encompass larger term server farms (ie more users) as well as other servers and applications such as Office documents and email.

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