Managed Servers on Demand

Virtual Managed Servers on Demand allows you to get up and running faster and more cost-effectively retrospectively to traditional on premise deployments. 7global takes the worry out of hardware maintenance, management, support and upgrades.

The solution benefits from industry leading virtualisation software, server and storage infrastructure. Virtual processors are configured to match the underlying processor core speed which provides a low cost, high performance environment. Low virtual server to physical host contention rates guarantees performance for your critical applications.

Virtual Managed Server on Demand can be used for a variety of business needs including Portal Application, Acceptance Testing, Reporting Applications, Financial Applications, Websites, Social Media etc. The environment is flexible to cater for all your application needs.

Business Benefits

Availability: Managed Servers on Demand is made
up of redundant resources. It is based on a clustered server setup, therefore if one server fails, another one is available to take the place of the failed server and balance the resources. This provides with instant scalability and improved availability.

Flexibility and Adaptability: The capacity of adapting to a rapidly changing business environment is imperative.
Dynamic allocation of memory and disk space ensures the environment can quickly accommodate inevitable changes in business procedures and needs.

Deployment: Gone are long lead times for procurement of physical hardware and extensive, costly build plans. A Virtual Managed Server on Demand can be spun up quickly meeting tight project lead times.

Control: Remote Desktop Protocol allows Administrators to control their services and access to the server just as if it was in your own office.

Licensing: 7global will cater for all your Microsoft licensing needs by utilizing Microsoft Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA). SPLA enables consumption of Microsoft licensing on a monthly rental scheme allowing you to only pay for what you use and have no large upfront charges.

Health: 7global will monitor and maintain the underlying core environment. As a result, your IT staff can focus more on supporting the priorities of your business.

For applications requiring high performance options are available for physical and Solid State Drive.

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