Hosted Desktop

Deploying a Hosted Desktop solution to your workforce enables will enable them to log on and access their entire PC desktop remotely, from any computer in the world. In addition companies can cut out many of the costs associated with on-site IT projects.

7global is focused on providing technology solutions to end-user Customers and the Microsoft Partner Community. We are recognized as one of Microsoft’s leading providers of Hosted Customized Dynamics CRM and Lync Server solutions in Europe. We have a community of Partners who utilize our Hosting solutions to further enhance their capabilities.
7global Hosted Desktop solution delivers not only standard and customized Microsoft technologies from our scalable multi-tenanted platforms but we can also build Virtual Managed Servers into your solution enabling your end users to access alternatives such as SAGE, Quickbooks, Lotus Notes or in-house bespoke legacy software applications. In such instances 7global takes responsibility for the physical infrastructure whilst the responsibility for the installation and maintenance of the application lies with the client.

Core Applications

Microsoft Outlook 2010

Microsoft Outlook 2010 working with Hosted Exchange provides you with the very best of business email. Hosted Exchange guarantees 100% business email to your Hosted Desktop. It also provides calendaring, tasks, contacts and note taking.

Microsoft Word 2010

Microsoft Word 2010 is Microsoft’s flagship word processing software. Used throughout the world’s largest companies. Microsoft Word 2010 supports both new and existing file formats.

Microsoft Excel 2010

Microsoft Excel 2010 is the ubiquitous spread sheets application. It features calculation and graphing tools which have made excel one of the most popular applications to date.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 continues to improve on the world’s most popular presentation programme. Create professional presentations for you and your customer.

Adobe PDF Reader

Hosted Desktop includes Adobe PDF reader.

Additional Applications available on request.

Data storage.

There are three locations where data is stored within the Hosted Desktop system.

These are:
Shared data. Each Hosted Desktop user has access to a shared drive where the company can share data.

Documents. Each Hosted Desktop user has their own “Documents” area where they can save and retrieve files.

Email. Each Hosted Desktop user has their own email account.

Data Back-up. The Hosted Desktop Service includes daily back-up of all the data described above i.e. shared data, documents and email.

Printing and scanning. The way printing works in Hosted Desktop is that it will map the printers that the local machine can see. If you can print locally, you will be able to print inside Hosted Desktop. Scanning also works with Hosted Desktop where scanned documents can be programmed to be emailed as PDF files to a pre-defined folder or email address.

Hosted Desktop gives you access to the very best in business software from Microsoft, as well as department-specific programs that you may already use – be it for accounts, CRM, help desk or any other areas of your business.

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