Cloud CRM 2011

7global are focussed on providing technology solutions to end-user Customers and Partners. We are recognised as one of Microsoft’s leading providers of Hosted CRM solutions in Europe. Our community of Partners utilise our Hosting solutions to further enhance their capabilities in configuring Microsoft CRM 2011. Cloud CRM 2011 enables you to develop specific verticals and extend your market reach with innovative use of technologies and hosting.

Cloud CRM 2011 is a highly customisable, Customer Relationship Management suite which caters for all areas of a business from Sales and Marketing to Support and Finance. Available in 41 languages and multiple currencies you can now roll it out across your world-wide offices within hours.

Key Cloud CRM 2011 features

  • Outlook integration – CRM seamlessly works within a client Outlook client
  • Microsoft Office familiarity – assisting in adoption phase
  • Flexible users – add and subtract users on a monthly basis.
  • 2 types of licenses – allows you to choose between full functionality and a limited user

There are two environments that Cloud CRM 2011 can be deployed within; multi-tenanted and a dedicated Platinum server. Platinum services are for Partners who need more control than can be achieved on our existing shared hosted Dynamics CRM service.

Flexibility and Scalability: The ability to rapidly change is empowered by Cloud services. You can scale the number of users up or down, based on your business requirements and increase the underlying core infrastructure dynamically.

Deployment: Gone are long lead times for procurement of physical hardware and extensive, costly build plans. Cloud CRM 2011 can be spun up quickly meeting tight project lead times.

Control: Full administrative rights are provided to the partner for customisation. Remote Desktop Protocol is provided for Platinum server deployment which allows Administrators to control their services and access to the database just as if it was on-premise.

Licensing: 7global will cater for all your Microsoft licensing needs by utilizing Microsoft Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA). SPLA enables consumption of Microsoft licensing on a monthly rental scheme allowing you to only pay for what you use and have no large upfront charges.

Roll Ups: New versions or updates to the software are easily distributed to users, without the interruption and management of costly patching and upgrades.

Testing: User testing and training is key to a successful roll out of a new application however you need to ensure that users do not train on live data. When a Platinum server is deployed a test environment can mirror the live overcoming any chance of error.

Third Party: Third party applications can be deployed upon, alongside or directly integrate with Cloud CRM 2011 Platinum. 7global can provide additional servers to host applications such as Portals, SharePoint, Mobile software, etc.

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