Customised Managed Servers

In an economic climate where organisations need to enhance their competitive edge, 7global are transforming the way IT is delivered to the business. Cloud computing offers a fully secure, resilient and scalable solution to managing your IT requirements. As a leading Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider, we help customers utilise the Cloud more effectively, enabling you to reduce your overheads whilst remaining in full control of your servers. Our Cloud technologies offer fully replicated solutions or a single site hosting solutions, depending on your business needs and data criticality. Our Cloud platform guarantees uptime and provides you with 24/7 unrivalled support.

Virtualisation is a transformation from the traditional static data center to a monitored, metered, managed and automated environment where IT is dynamically provided as a service, known as a Cloud. In the Cloud model, computing not only becomes efficient, but provides another major shift of control back to the user. The users specify the levels of performance, reliability and security required for an application, and the required virtual infrastructure is automatically provisioned and deployed within seconds, enabling a company to innovate and grow faster.

In the past, it could take a company six to eight weeks to commission a server. Now, computing power and storage space is becoming a commodity, bought when needed and scaled up when necessary. This dynamic resource management is enabling organisations to respond faster to market changes and gain an advantage over their competitors. Cloud Computing offers companies the agility, scalability and promises guaranteed uptime.

The Benefits of Cloud Computing

Our virtual infrastructure platform enables us to offer a comprehensive IT service delivery model to meet all of your Cloud computing needs. Working with the very best vendors and latest technologies, we manage a enterprise class platform designed for the FTSE 100 companies but scaled to be affordable for SMEs alike. We can either support your in-house IT department, giving you more control and flexibility over your current IT systems, or provide you with a comprehensive Cloud Computing solution to act as an escalation point to your on-premise infrastructure. Our Cloud solutions give users unprecedented responsiveness and agility, while reducing costs through increased consolidation, task automation and simplified management

By leveraging the efficient pooling of on-demand, self-managed virtual infrastructure with server consolidation, you can gain more from your existing server resources. Compared to onsite servers which usually run at 25% of capacity, we run our Cloud servers at about 60%. That’s both greener and considerably cheaper for you. With Cloud computing you don’t pay anything when services are not required, working out much cheaper in the long run and all data can be fully replicated, ensuring your business continuity planning is built in to your Cloud.

There are many benefits to Cloud computing

  • Save on data center costs by reducing your physical infrastructure
  • Reduced office space, power and cooling cost and requirements
  • Reduce interruption to your service
  • Eliminate downtime
  • Recover quickly from unplanned issues

Productivity and innovation is also boosted as employees have access to the latest technology without the need for investment in upgrades. Small and medium-sized businesses get world-class IT on a global scale. Cloud Computing enables employees to also benefit from increased mobility with access to their desktop from any corner of the world.

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