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There’s no more reliable measure of a provider’s worth than customers’ experience and we are no exception. So don’t listen to us. Just hear what our clients think.

“7global has provided us with a reliable and efficient support service for our SonicWALL firewalls. We trust them to deliver a robust service, round the clock.”

Kenneth Ball, IT Director, Schuh

“The CRM Business’s deployment of Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM on the 7global Platform has enabled Mango to get going with a customer relationship management solution straight away, without having to invest in a costly infrastructure, immediately helping us add even more value to our clients, partners and suppliers.”

Marcus Castle, Managing Director, Mango Communications

“Europa talks on a day to day basis with potential customers, existing clients and partners. What we needed was an easy to use, highly configurable CRM system. With a large number of home workers and the need for anytime-anywhere access 7global’s Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform was the perfect vehicle for us to continue delivering great results for our clients and partners.”

Alan Hayley, Chief Executive, Europa

“7global has an unrivalled reputation in the hosting market and a wealth of expertise in providing software On-Demand. This gives us and our clients the confidence to embrace this delivery model and enjoy the ensuing economies of scale”

Mark Medley, Co-Founder & Director, Blue Tangent

“We signed a deal with 7global because its commitment to best practice was as great as ours.”

Glen Maule, Operations Manager, Auto Data Network

“CarLand does not spend thousands of pounds for a dedicated number of licences. Delivery is simply scaled up and down according to our needs, making it more cost efficient.”

Francis Owu, Learning and development manager, Car Land

“7global has been very helpful at helping us assess the market opportunity. The company is very good at the marketing side of hosted software provision, and is happy to introduce us to other 7global customers, so we can benefit from their experiences. As a result, things have gone very smoothly.”

Grant Oliver, Co-Founder & Director, ExpenseOnDemand

“Since its inception 7global has laid down an incredible track record as the provider of secure, available, scalable IT infrastructure services that are the envy of rivals across the sector. KCS has leveraged this track record and we are delighted with the support and credibility that it gives to our SaaS capability.”

Alan Snell, Managing Director, KCS

“7global enables us to offer customers more choice in the way in which they can receive and use Kronos.”

Keith Statham, Managing Director, Kronos

Compliance, training and competence have become a costly necessity, yet often the cost is disproportionate to the size of the business. Managed Services are an obvious solution to this problem. Paying for compliance on a per-head, per-month basis makes it cost-effective as well as extremely timely. We recognised these key drivers and that is why we took the decision to start delivering our solution this way.”

Julie Alderson, Sales Director, MS2M

“This has created greater long-term stability as well as value in the business. The main driver, however, has been around the business model. We now have several ‘portals’ that enable a shared environment, which are basedon a ‘pay as you go’ model. These are expected to yield impressive returns.”

Mark Armstrong, Business Development Director, Visualfiles

“7global are everything we ourselves are responsive and flexible. They are highly professional and a pleasure to work with. We’ve been very impressed indeed.”

Trevor North, Operations Director, VSc Solutions

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